Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GP2X Wiz Emulation

The GP2X Wiz has arrived. You can check out my GP2X Wiz review over at Play-Asia-Rulez if you like. Basically, it's a smaller, lighter, cooler, and faster GP2X.

As you can see, I have been working on bringing the NGPC emulator to the Wiz. The video shows the Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator running on the GP2X Wiz. Of course, I had to play some SNK Vs. Capcom CFC2 on it. I still need to tweak some things (like stretching the screen size), but it really does work well. Check out the Wiz if you're looking for a new toy to run all kinds of emulators and homebrew games.

In other NGPC news Thor released a great new homebrew game called Gears Of Fate. I highly recommend that you try it, and, if you have a way to try it on the actual NGPC, do it. It's an amazing bit of technical achievement. If you can't run it on hardware, try NeoPop or check out this video of Gears Of Fate on the Neo Geo Pocket Color.


Inigo said...

How can I use de Emulator? It doesn't have any selector and I can't mae it run...

Flavor said...

What emulator are you trying to use? What system are you trying to use it on?

Anonymous said...

There's a post about it here:
Good job so far.

FPCreator2000 said...

The emu (R.A.C.E. Wiz) is awesome but when I try to run on ginge for the caanoo, the games run great but the control calibration is off (keeps automatically pressing down). Can you point me in the right direction.

Flavor said...

A guy called Pickle
is working on the Caanoo version. It might be good to contact him. I haven't tried NGPC emu on the Caanoo. :( I've been pretty busy with other NGPC projects ( http://ngpc.freeplaytech.com/ ).