Monday, April 25, 2011

Neo Pocket USB Linkmasta and Other Developments

There have been some developments in the Neo Geo Pocket community lately. These aren't directly related to Card Fighters' Clash 2, but you can make a connection as to how they may go together.

First of all, as you may see from the video, there is a new USB Linker in the works. This will allow people that have the old Bung carts to use them on their modern computers (without needing a parallel port). It can also interface with official game carts to do things like backup and restore savegame data. If you're interested in this, there's a discussion about it over at the forum.

There is also a related project to create a new Neo Geo Pocket flash cart. You can find a bit more about that on Gerry's Neo Geo Pocket project page.

Finally, if you want to follow some of this progress, check out the developments like Neo Geo Pocket Flash Cart and Neo Geo Pocket USB Linker at Neo Geo Pocket Developments.


HiryuXIII said...

hey, first of all, thanks for the translation!, you have any plans to continue R.A.C.E. development for PC? considering the only emulator that ran CFC perfect for me was the old ngpocket and not even NeoPop has proved itself to be a worthy successor, IMO.

Flavor said...

I haven't worked on RACE for a long time. I did have a version for PC, but it was a bit awkward. It was command-line only. I'm not much of a user-interface sort of guy. I generally get something working/optimized and then call it good. :(

If someone else wanted to work on it, I'd be happy to get them source/info/advice/etc.