Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Hardware and Emulation

Well, to be blunt, there hasn't been much progress on the translation side of things lately. There really isn't a lot left to do there, but I've been a bit distracted by other things lately. There are some real life situations that are causing my hobby time to get cut down a bit, but that's not the whole story.

I have recently acquired two new (to me) consoles. I found a cheap Dreamcast at a local shop, so I hope to get CFC2 running nicely on the DC. I did set up the development environment and build RACE for the Dreamcast. It runs CFC2, but it seems that it doesn't save the save-game progress properly. I'll have to look into that.

The other console I picked up, thanks to Craigslist, is a PSP. I traded some unused stuff for it, and I'm very pleased at how the deal turned out. I set up the psptoolchain and had only some minor issues getting RACE to run on it. You can see a video of it here. It has sound. It's hard to hear, because I didn't turn up the volume until close to the end. I don't know why someone didn't port RACE to the PSP sooner.

CFC2 English Running on PSP

I know that most of the votes (on the right) have been for Nintendo DS and Neo Geo Pocket Color. First, it will always be made to run on the NGPC, but that will require a NGPC flash cart. The other systems are just icing, but it seems that DS is probablly the most likely to be utilized.


Tidegear said...

Awesome! Can you release your PSP port of RACE?

Flavor said...

Yeah, I'll release it when it's ready. :)

Tidegear said...

Excellent! The current NGP emus for the PSP are pretty sluggish and devoid of good sound quality.

Xylkz said...


CFC2 is my favorite's game.
PSP is my favorite's console.
What I see?
Race on my PSP.

ALL my dreams come true!!!!!!!!

Flavor said...
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xylkz said...

Just send you an email :)

Tidegear said...

I emailed you as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Flavor, the PSP votes are going up a lot now that you have a PSP and ported RACE!


Flavor said...

Ughhh, I think there has been some tampering with the ballots. :(

Anonymous said...

Yes there was, someone posted on GameFAQs that everyone should vote for PSP. =/

Flavor said...

Heh, you got a URL for the board? I'm curious to see where there are people that care.

Anonymous said...

Here it is.


Anonymous said...

"Yes there was, someone posted on GameFAQs that everyone should vote for PSP. =/"

Why is that bad?

The more PSP owners who know about RACE and CFC2, themore PSp owners will vote for PSP. That's only natural. I see nothing wrong with that. Owners of other systems can vote more too of course.

What matters is that people like Flavor's projects, so that's good right? Right!

Anonymous said...

It isn't, I'm actually really excited since out of all the options PSP is the only one I have (well I do have a DS, but no flashcart). :D

sirhax0r said...

I emailed you. Really.


Techno said...

Hey there Flavor!
I too 2nd what tidegear said. I've always wanted to play some NGPC games on my PSP but never really got into it because no one has taken the time to get it working on the PSP at a playable rate.
Now even if the emulator only supported CFC2 English I would be happy!