Thursday, January 31, 2008

Text Extension Success

I took a little vacation, so there was a period of inactivity on my part. Though, there was work being done by some of the others, so there has been progress since the last post. The variable-width font output code has been updated and is in the process of being tested. The problem here was that some text at the end of a string would get cut off. I had figured out which circumstances lead to this problem and came up with a workaround, but another coder has taken up the task of actually fixing the problem. He has also created a cool little intro that will be shown when the game starts up.

After vacation, I actually got something accomplished. When I announced that we reached the end of the storyline translation, I hadn't realized that this finally pushed us over the edge of available space for text in the game. Well, it filled the current buffer, anyway. I came up with a way to start using another unused area in the game to store the rest of the game text. It seems to work fine, now. It even looks like we will have enough room for the "origin text" to be included in the game. This, of course, is good, but it means more translating.

I have yet to decide what we will do with this origin text. My inclination at this point is to leave it out of the initial release and then see if someone wants to volunteer to translate it. Maybe Calden (our current translator) would want to do it, but so far it's not part of what he agreed to help with. If anyone else would like to try translating it, please go ahead and volunteer. Leave a comment and I'll let you know how you can help.

So, we're back at it and I feel like we're on the home stretch, now. There isn't much text left to worry about, and there are some bugs to fix up. I'll see if I can get a new video posted sometime soon. (EDIT: Soon = Now See video below)

CFC2 English on Nintendo DS Lite


Booger said...


*falls over


*probably gets taken advantage of in this vulnerable state

Aaron Mocksing said...

I hope this is for the NeoGeo Pocket; the DS is nice, but considering this was from the NGP, it ought to stay that way, IMO.

Either way, can't wait to play it. Rock on.

Matteo said...

Hi Flavor
I just emailed you, then i came here to read about the news.
Ok, let me explain: I have a degree in Japanese, and my wife is Japanese, but I never did any translation work outside Uni. So if you are really depserate for a translator, I could help. (dear god,I hope this is going to be ok)

vulcan said...

Wow.. amazing!, nice work there guys. :D

Flavor said...

Aaron: It will always be for the Neo Geo Pocket Color! If it ends up working well on other systems, then that's just an added bonus.

Matteo: Thanks for volunteering. At the moment, I won't take you up on it. I am not desperate yet. I have at least one other guy looking at it. Though, I'm not sure if he'll work on it or not.

AOJ said...

Didn't know about this project, and I was pleasantly surprised about this :D

I'm a NGPC collector, and I almost have all the games. CCF is the game I most played.

CCF2 in Japanese is little playable if you memorized all CCF original cards, but you fail at understanding the history, new cards, etc. So your project of translating the game is a new hope for most CCF fans! Great!

About system release, I think the target is NGPC as you said. Other systems will be playable via emulation. The only problem is nowadays is nearly impossible to find the pocket flash linker :/

Congrats for your work and thanks a lot! :). Keep on the good work!