Thursday, January 10, 2008

Premature Party Time

Well, I worked on this for the last two nights. This work, combined with new translations from Calden have brought us to the end of the storyline. There are still about 5-10 storyline strings that we need to go back and fix because of some translation issues. Then, there are some non-storyline strings that are still not done. Of course, there also are some technical issues to work on.

It is exciting to finally reach the end of the storyline, though. There are some interesting things in the text, too. I have had to read almost all of the storyline (even parts that may never come up in normal play), but you guys will have the pleasure of "playing" the storyline. It's probably more fun to play it than just read it, but you might miss out on some stuff, I guess.

Oh well, it will be revealed in time. For now the news is that the time is nearing, and I'm excited that we have just reached this important milestone.


The Dude said...

This is great. ^_^

Matteo said...

Yes!! This is great news!
I have bougth a DS just in time to play the game, if it will come out for the DS that is.
Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Well, just FYI, if you want to play it on the DS you'd need to have some sort of flash cart. I use one called the "M3 DS Simply" which is the same as the "R4DS". Though, there are many others that should work.

Vulcan said...

Nice news!! thanks for the info! ;D

Matteo said...
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Matteo said...

I know I will have to get the R4DS, thats OK, the thing that worries me is how to use it! I have no idea. Anyway, we'll see when the time comes.. Man I cannot wait to play this game!

hadji said...

Awesome. I have the US NGPC version of the first, and never knew about the second. Stoked to find out someone is translating it.

Now, hurry up and finish. Finish, I say!

Kaz said...

Wasn't there a buggy GBA rom of this?
Or am I just not thinking straight anymore?