Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nintendo DS Pulls Ahead

To tell you the truth, when I put up the current poll, I assumed that everyone would want to play CFC2 English on the Nintendo DS. At the time, I had been putting in some extra work to get CFC2 running faster on the DS. I really did want to see what people thought, but I was also hoping for some validation.

It actually took quite a while for the NGPC to drop back to second place. At the time of my writing this, the NDS is only beating the NGPC by 24 votes to 22. That's not much considering how popular the NDS is and how old the NGPC is. I am rather surprised by the percentage of people that want to play this on their NGPC. Yeah, it's probablly skewed a bit by the fact that most of the people that know about this project are NGPC-fanboys, but it's still interesting that NDS didn't come out stronger.

I don't have much real news to post. I was out of town for a while, and I haven't had a lot of time to hack on things. I do know that Calden has been translating text still. That's still coming along at a good pace, but I still can't say when it will be completed. Comic-Kaze has gotten back into the project a bit, too. He was one of the original CFC Translation Team members back in the day. He's been working on some graphic hacks. There were some seldom-used menus and such that were never translated. He did a lot of that graphic hacking back when the "WIP" version was released in 2001.

There's also another coder working on some low-level stuff. We are getting a nifty intro and some much-needed text output code fixes from him. That doesn't sound like much because I don't care to elaborate much at this point, but it's important to get done.

Finally, I wanted to touch on the status of the NGPC flash carts that I had mentioned in an early post. A guy called "Fire" posted a comment asking about them. Well, I tracked down the developer that's working on them and the word is that there's not been any new development on them lately. That's how these things go. I (personally) have had the knowledge and understanding of the NGPC required to create these carts for quite some time, but I don't have the proper tools and hardware design skills to actually make them. That's why I've tried to get others to take on the project, but it always seems to fade away after a while.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write the comment and question, Fire. I'm glad you're FIREd up about the project. Unfortunately, at this moment, it's not looking like much of a Christmas present. Maybe you have a birthday early in the year, because it's just a bit odd for me to offer it to you as a Valentine gift.