Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have I Become A Real Blogger? Does Play-Asia Actually Rule?

Yeah, yeah, I know. This isn't really CFC2/NGPC related news. I'm not sure it's even news, but I thought that there's a chance that some of you might care.


Well, there it is. Apparently, Play-Asia Rulez. It's not so much a statement as it is a link to a new blog that posts about cool games/products (that in general happen to be available for purchase at Play-Asia). You might find tips/tricks, reviews, discussions, etc.

The reason that I'm posting about this here (and the reason that it is at all relevant to this blog) is that I am one of the contributors at In fact, I have the distinction of being the author of the first post on the blog which is an article about the game "Delta Warp" for the NGPC. If you care, you can find that Delta Warp article here.

So, let me know (either as a comment to this post or one of my Play Asia Rulez posts) what you think about it. If you have any suggestions for future articles, let me know. I'm sure that there will be a Cardfighters post there sometime in the future.