Monday, November 18, 2013

New Cardfighters Clash 2 English Patch!
Member raohmaru over at the Freeplay Tech. Forum has posted a new patch for CFC2English. Here's a little excerpt from his post about the patch.
The texts of the abilities of all cards were fixed, now they say more accurately what the effect does. Also, I've aligned the items in the Dictionary menu, and rewritten certain rules to correct mistakes and make them more understandable (e.g., you can only backup once per turn, whereas current rules says twice).
You can find the patch file and some discussion over here:

Quickly, in other news, the NGPC flash cart development kits have been doing well. If you're interested, check out and contact me through that site.

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KyoskVII said...

Hey guys... great job, congratulations to all team member.