Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Day Has Finaly Arrived! Game On!

This feels like a big relief for me. I hope there aren't much for bug reports. I need to get back to real life for a while. Enough about me, though, let's get to the good news.

SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters' Clash 2 English Edition is now available for download. It runs on PSP, Nintendo DS, NGPC, GP2X, PC, Mac, and wherever else NGPC ROMs can be played. Without further ado, I present to you the download link for CFC2English.

UPDATE: Okay, there was a bug in the CFC2English release. I have now fixed it (I hope). The download link at the top-right of this blog should now contain the proper files. I'm sorry for any confusion.

The CFC2English ZIP file contains an IPS patch. You will need to have the original Japanese ROM file of CFC2 (and some IPS patching software) to apply the patch. FYI, the SHA1 hash of the patched ROM should be 5CF9428A6864802D26F59C2364F476012896628A and the MD5 should be E324C1CEB54080AE5BE1065B91243331.

If you want to play it on the Nintendo DS, you will need CFC2English, CFC2EnglishDS, and the original Japanese CFC2 ROM (to apply the IPS patch to).

I know that the patching is a bit of a hassle, but that's the way I must do it. I will not release a full ROM. Though, I'm guessing that, by the time most of you read this, someone will have patched the ROM themselves and put it somewhere on the web.

Also, I have added the PSP version of the RACE emulator in that file drop. That should allow you PSP users to play any NGPC ROM. If you want to play it on other systems, I suggest looking for NeoPop or whatever other emulator is available for your favorite platform.

If you have any problems or questions, please leave a comment.

Oh, and if any of you happen to make any videos (like YouTube or whatever) of this stuff running, I'd love to see them.

Alright, it's obvious that you already know about this project, but there are others out there that don't. Some of them would love to play this game. If you are a member of any forums, mailing lists, or any other sort of medium that would discuss this sort of thing, please spread the word. I'd prefer that our hard work be appreciated by as many people as possible, so go out and spread the good news.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Testing, Release Imminent (I Hope)

There are some technical issues that I need to resolve, and I am waiting for some final files from one person. During this waiting period, testing has begun. I am hoping that the tests will go smooth and by the time I receive the files, CFC2 English will be ready for release.

I am planning to release this as an IPS patch which will require that you already have the original CFC2 ROM file. This is the typical approach for releasing translations, but please leave a comment if you have any issues with that or other suggestions.

Speaking of ROMs and what's going to happen when this is released, I know that there has been a fair ammount of interest in playing this game on an actual NGPC using a flash cart. Here is my suggestion. Go check out They guy that runs the show there has actually (years ago) made his own NGPC flash cart. As far as I understand, he never actually finished the project. He wanted it to be flashable via USB, but it never got that far. They have a forum there where they discuss new product ideas. Perhaps if they knew there was enough interest and that people would buy enough of the flash carts to offset the production costs they would actually sell them. It's just a thought.

I must let you know that I have been sidetracked lately with fixing up the PSP version of RACE!. It is now in a state that I think is ready for release. It seems to run all NGPC ROMs just fine, thought it does have a couple graphical and audio glitches with a select few ROMs. Hopefully, sometime in the next few days, I think you might find it in the usual PSP homebrew/emulator places.

Here's a little something that I think you might enjoy. I found this nice little CFC2 World Map when looking around the original NeoGeo site. If you click on a location in the picture, it will take you to a (Japanese) description of the location. It's kinda nifty, anyway.

CFC2 World Map