Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Been a While

Well, it's been a while since the release. I haven't heard much for complaints, which I assume is good. In my experience, if people are quiet that means there's nothing wrong. It could also mean that nobody cares, but in either case I don't have much else to do on the project.

I just got word that a guy called "drunkenmaster226" put up a YouTube video of CFC2 English. Thank you for that. It's nice because it shows the "old school style intro" and gives people a nice glimpse of what the game is like. It was obviously taken using an emulator because you can hear the audio slowing down in places, but it's still a nice introduction to the game. You can watch it here, or over at YouTube.

I'm not sure what else to discuss at this point. The interest seems to have fallen off quite a bit. Though, that's what I expected. I think most people that cared have already downloaded it. If you're enthusiastic about this release, though, maybe you ought to go spread the word around to other sites/forums/etc. where there might be other people that would enjoy it. There are probably a lot of people that played CFC on the NGPC that haven't even looked around for new NGPC news since they stopped playing their. They might not know about CFC2 English, and they might like to know that it's playable on the PSP and Nintendo DS. If they don't care, that's fine, but I assume there are people out there that would care if they knew to care.

As always, I enjoy the comments, so if you've got anything to say, leave a message.