Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Day Has Finaly Arrived! Game On!

This feels like a big relief for me. I hope there aren't much for bug reports. I need to get back to real life for a while. Enough about me, though, let's get to the good news.

SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters' Clash 2 English Edition is now available for download. It runs on PSP, Nintendo DS, NGPC, GP2X, PC, Mac, and wherever else NGPC ROMs can be played. Without further ado, I present to you the download link for CFC2English.

UPDATE: Okay, there was a bug in the CFC2English release. I have now fixed it (I hope). The download link at the top-right of this blog should now contain the proper files. I'm sorry for any confusion.

The CFC2English ZIP file contains an IPS patch. You will need to have the original Japanese ROM file of CFC2 (and some IPS patching software) to apply the patch. FYI, the SHA1 hash of the patched ROM should be 5CF9428A6864802D26F59C2364F476012896628A and the MD5 should be E324C1CEB54080AE5BE1065B91243331.

If you want to play it on the Nintendo DS, you will need CFC2English, CFC2EnglishDS, and the original Japanese CFC2 ROM (to apply the IPS patch to).

I know that the patching is a bit of a hassle, but that's the way I must do it. I will not release a full ROM. Though, I'm guessing that, by the time most of you read this, someone will have patched the ROM themselves and put it somewhere on the web.

Also, I have added the PSP version of the RACE emulator in that file drop. That should allow you PSP users to play any NGPC ROM. If you want to play it on other systems, I suggest looking for NeoPop or whatever other emulator is available for your favorite platform.

If you have any problems or questions, please leave a comment.

Oh, and if any of you happen to make any videos (like YouTube or whatever) of this stuff running, I'd love to see them.

Alright, it's obvious that you already know about this project, but there are others out there that don't. Some of them would love to play this game. If you are a member of any forums, mailing lists, or any other sort of medium that would discuss this sort of thing, please spread the word. I'd prefer that our hard work be appreciated by as many people as possible, so go out and spread the good news.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation but... Where is the IPS? There's only -CFC2English.jpg

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FLAVOR! I've been carrying my psp and usb cable to work just waiting for this! I'll try to take a long lunch and test it out. YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Hey you just added another file! You should have waited to upload it before posting, I guess you were too excited. Thanks anyway xD

(I'll play it on PSP)

Flavor said...

Man, you're really on top of things. I hoped that nobody would notice. There was a small problem with the ZIP file I originally uploaded. I had to re-create it. You must have checked during the time I was fixing the problem. Look again. There should be 3 ZIP files at

Also, when I updated I also updated the blog post, so there is some additional text at the bottom of the post, now.

Anonymous said...

I already found a glitch... After the first battle, I saved. And when I loaded the game again the screen gets white and the PSP freezes. Also, the explanation in the menu where you select story, free battle, etc. is in japanese, but I guess you already noticed that.

(I'm the anonymous)

Flavor said...

cygnus: Can you reproduce that error, or was it a random glitch? Others have been testing this, and I haven't heard about any errors like what you mentioned. I suppose that the untranslated turorial menu is going to be a re-occuring comment. It's because that's a graphic and not just text.

If you (and this goes for everyone) think that you've found a game-impacting glitch, send an e-mail to and post a comment here stating that e-mailed.

Flavor said...

Oh, man. I tested your bug. Sure enough, it died. I think I know the problem, but this isn't ideal for a release. I'll have to pull the file for now.

Flavor said...

Well, I think it's fixed now. Sorry guys. This release was much more stressful than it needed to be. :|

Anonymous said...

This is not working for me. Obviously since other people are NOT having this problem, it's NOT with your download Flavor. I'm posting this here in case anyone has a suggestion that other people that run into this will be helped by... and for me.

Here is what I'm doing:
-I'm downloading what I think is the correct rom file (SNK Vs Capcom - Card Fighters Clash 2 - Expand Edition (J) [!].npc)
-I unzip it
-I apply your patch using IPS PATCHER on a mac. I get "validity of ROM cannot be determined" but I continue.
- I try to play it on the version of RACE you released the other week on DCEMU.
-It boots, though there is a small glitch in the opening graphic.
-I select "new game", the opening text in the blue field is completely jumbled, then it totally crashes the psp.

So my questions are:
-I have tried downloading the rom from VARIOUS sites, can anyone suggest one that has worked for them?
-Do I need to re-name the rom file to something specific?
-Do we think the patching program I'm using just isn't working?
-Am I doing anything else wrong?

Thank anyone who can help SO much, I've been waiting to play this game translated for YEARS!

Anonymous said...

paladninja: Try using a different IPS patcher.

Now if only someone would work on a fully working NGPC emulator for Windows...

// Kit Sniper

Flavor said...

Paladinja: Actually, Judge (one of the CFC2 Translation Team members) had what sounds to be the same problem. He uses a Mac, and (from what I undersand) he ended up with a ROM that had graphic problems particularily with the text window. I talked to him about it and he finally tried a different IPS patching tool and it worked fine. I'll try to find out what tool worked for him. Also, he checked his MD5 and SHA1 with me, and they are now a match. I posted the MD5 and SHA1 on the blog. I'm not sure how you can get the MD5/SHA1 on your Mac, though. I'm not a Mac guy. I hope you get it working quickly, and if you (or any other Mac user) does get it going, please post how.

Kit Sniper (a bit of a ROM hacking/translation guru): It's nice to see you here! I don't know what OS you use, but if you're a Mac user, maybe you can suggest a good IPS patcher.

Flavor said...

Kit Sniper: Sorry, I forgot to address your emulator comment. Also, if I would have been paying attention I could have guessed that you were a Win user from your comment. :) Anyway, what problems are you having with your NGPC emulator? I assume you've been using NeoPop. Are you having problems with Delta Warp? That's about the only one I know that would cause problems. RACE will run on the PC (via SDL), but the GUI is non-existant.

Oh, and now I'm dangerously close to a triple-post.

Anonymous said...

A triple post? Not on my watch!
As I said elsewhere, VERY cool. Now all you need to do is translate the weapon-select screen...
I can't wait to try this over the upcoming weekend.

As for a MAC patcher, try here?:


Anonymous said...

For patching on a mac I can recommend the from

That creates roms which matches the sha1 and md5 hashes.

To calculate these hashes on your system:

openssl sha1 rom.ngp
md5 rom.ngp

Matteo said...

Congratulations for the realease flavor! It must have been really hard work, hats off to you and anybody involved in this project!

Anonymous said...

I have a minor graphic glitch but I'd like to know if it's normal or if it can be solved...

At the top of the blue box it is black... In the video I saw in this page I saw it was all blue, and well it fits better that way. I show you here an image (poor quality but you can appreciate it):

Anonymous said...

It didn't fit :S

Anonymous said...

sorry lol

Flavor said...

cygnus: I assume you're running it on the Nintendo DS. If you're running it on the PSP, try turning the "HiColor" option on. The DS needs as much help as it can get to run things at a reasonable speed. It has been built with the HiColor support turned off. As far as I recall, the only bad thing it does to CFC2 is to make the text window look a bit junky. It's actually supposed to be a nice gradient from black to blue, but (due to HiColor being turned off on the DS) it comes out as blocks of color starting with a block of black at the top.

Kaz: I'll reply to you on

Anonymous said...

About the tutorial menu, can you successfully hack it? If you can then I'd suggest you post the graphic on RHDN and chances are someone'll come along and give you a nice english version. Just thought I'd mention that and thanks for your hard work.

Flavor said...

The turorial menu is all graphical (not text). I should be able to hack it, but I have yet to find it. It has become very low priority because it really only gets used once.

I can't post to RHDN ( I've been banned.

Anyway, if I (or anyone else) can find the graphics in Tile Layer Pro, I should be able to get them translated.

Flavor said...

In Tile Layer Pro, offset CF1D9 points to the start of much of the interesting untranslated graphics.

Flavor said...

Okay, just for fun, I uploaded the graphics to

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kit sniper / Kaz / Judge for the accurate advice: IPS patcher does NOT work. Before I read your posts this morning, I found one that worked last night. (how could I sleep without solving this?)

Flavor: could you please remove the post where I suggest it? I don't want to be propping something anti-useful. (there goes my "street cred")

I now have it up & running (YaYeah!). I had the correct ROM, I just needed to use an IPS patching program that... ya'know, WORKS.

Mac OSX Users: I had success with "UIPS". Here is the direct download url courtesy of fantasyanime:

I'm three battles in and no problems yet. To re-stress something Flavor said: it almost NEVER saves after editing a deck (I'm on psp so I can tell when the "writing" LED light or doesn't), so just make sure to save in the next menu out before returning to "story".

Also, I am happy. This whole team rocks.

PS: Flavor, I'd love the backstory of how you got banned from

Flavor said...

Paladinja: Ahh, it's not a great story. Check out,3636.0.html
if you want to see the thread. The last 4 posts (3 of which were by me) have been removed (so that no other forum users know that's how the moderators run the place). It seems that I have a "Direct disregard for acceptable behavior." It's okay, though. Honestly, as you can see from the thread, I got more help about how to properly post to a forum than I got help on my project.

I'd prefer to keep your post up there. I've read threads where posts have been removed, and it's just confusing. You had a completely valid problem, and if someone keeps reading, they'll find out how to fix it. Heck, Judge (an ultra-hacker) had the same problem, so I don't see any street-cred loss there. :) I'm just glad it wasn't another problem that I caused!

Flavor said...

Heh, I put those graphics up, and Calden has already sent me translations for them all. I'll need to edit the graphics at some point, but that just takes time.

Flavor said...

I don't have time for this right now, but if anyone wants to try their hand at editing the BMP files, here are the translations. If you edit any, don't modify the colors and keep it as a BMP. I suppose you can upload it to and post the link here.

1. Build Deck
2. Start Battle
3. Use Deck
4. Attack & Counterattack
5. Combo Attack
6. RE Card
7. Battle End

Keep battling your way through the story!
You can battle everyone you've fought or talked with so far!
You can assemble decks and trade cards with your correspondents!
You can use the shop and stuff further down the street!
You can save your current progress!
You can fight with HARUNA and friends whenever! Don't hold back!
Its a friendly fight! But the winner still gets a card from the loser!

If you lose you'll get a card taken!
You can check out a battle explanation- there's nothing more important than
the basics!
Here's an explanation of battle lingo- it's all words. Boring! (++!)
You can build decks and check out your card gallery.
You're giving some cards to your friends (up to 6). Be careful!
You can get cards from your friends.
You can exchange cards at the Shop.

You can now use the Trade Machine
Connected to CAPCOM VS. SNK 2 (DC Edition)
Dowsing with the wireless unit (radio unit?) is enabled.
Soooo sorry! You don't have enough cards!
You can't use this without an "ESP" AC card!

Flavor said...

Ahh, I missed a couple.

unknown_da861 says "CAB"

unknown_da89b says "Card Shop"

Oh, and if you edit any BMP, make sure you keep it the same size and everything. Just edit it, don't create a new BMP.

Anonymous said...

THANKS alot guys...

Putting everything that been said about playing it on ds aside working good so far.

Also would playing link play be possible on 2 NDS?

Flavor said...

I've never actually looked into the link play emulation, but I have to say that I don't plan to in the near future. Sorry. Don't hold your breath. It would be a cool feature, though.

Anonymous said...

Ah true, with the Hi-Color option the text box is a lot better, thanks!

Personally, I don't care much about the tutorial menu, I think the main menu is a priority.

Anonymous said...

I've done tutstep1-7 for you. Hope they are ok.

Flavor said...

Blu3Flame: Awesome! Thanks!

I tried the first two and they worked fine. I won't take the time to insert them all right now, but I'll get to it. Also, I won't release a new patch until I get all those gfx done.

Flavor said...

Okay, this is nice. I've been talking with SignOfZeta via IM and he's working on the textboxes. I updated the site to reflect what is still untranslated (for this go-around anyway).

The two left are:
unknown_da861 says "CAB"
unknown_da89b says "Card Shop"

Thanks a lot, guys!

Anonymous said...

Consider them done,

I have done two variations of 'Card Shop', one with a little more spacing. Use whichever works best.

Flavor said...

Sweet, thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Is the graphics on the DS version supposed to be kinda overly pixelated (it looks like it didn't scale properly on my DS screen).

Anonymous said...

Spleeennndid... we (meaning me) owes you a debt of gratitude and, quite possibly, some sort of imbibement.

Flavor said...

On the DS, it is stretched to fit the whole screen, so it might look a bit weird. That also makes it the wrong aspect ratio.

Check here if you want a version of RACE for the Nintendo DS that is the proper aspect ratio.

Though, that version won't run as fast.

Tobriand said...

Thank you for this one Flavor - it's rare that I comment, but I've been waiting for CF2-Clash to be properly translated for years (i.e. including the new cards and dialogue).

You've made my day - thanks :)

- Toby

Anonymous said...

I would like to report a serious bug with random freezing during battles

it occurs randomly and it destroys the save file!

ive experienced it twice today and im about to quit playing because of it =(

Anonymous said...

Im playing it on the psp and i dunno if its with the emulator whih is causing the problem or your translation

im really frustrated with this. I tried to copy the save file to neopop on my pc and the save file still doesnt read

ive went through the game twice already. the first time was fighting LIP after i put my psp in sleep mode i thought it was just because of that

but then again just a few minutes ago i was fighting random opponents in battle mode and it happened again

Anonymous said...

I opened up the save file in notepad and its just garbage compared to a previous save file


Flavor said...

KaliKot: I don't have any idea how to help you. If you want to report a bug, it would be good to describe exactlly what events cause the bug to occur.

I've been playing on my PSP (not heavily), and I haven't noticed any problems like you describe. I'd suggest playing on NeoPop or something to decide if there is a problem with RACE or CFC2English.

If you can be more specific about your problem, maybe I can help. As it is, I don't really know what to tell you.

Anonymous said...

It just freezes during a match while at the same time destroying the save file since it becomes garbage right after the freeze happens with the correct save file size.

Does the game save in the middle of a match?

It happened twice to me now.

The first one happened after returning to the school from joyjoy fountain and talking to LIP which will then start the battle. She went first in this match and after her turn, I click on "Hand" and suddenly the game stops, no warning no anything, no reading on the memory stick light

But before I talked to Lip I left my PSP in sleep mode (flicking the power button quickly and not fully shutting the psp down) and then an hour later, the first thing I notice is that the game clock moved after I "waked" the psp up from sleep mode

After that I just shut down the psp (full power off) after trying to press all the buttons and L+R in vain. It is to be noted that there is also Memory Stick reading time after continuing in SvC:Motm but this one was different. No memory card reading to suggest loading or anything. When I booted up Neopop again and started the game, the first thing that greeted me was "NEW GAME" and that was really heartbreaking.

At first I thought it was because I left the psp in sleep mode, but after 7 hours of playing I experienced it again (argh)

It was in a Battle Mode (picking your opponent from the menu) fight against ASO was it i think and it also happened in the first few turns when the turn was shifted to me, although I wasn't able to click "Hand" anymore it just locked up suddenly, same symptoms as before and only "NEW GAME" and a wiped out save met me after I powered the PSP on again =(

It is to be noted that I was fighting her and Dougu alternately for 3 times straight, so this is definitely random. I'm trying to play through on Neopop right now to see if it happens, and I hope it doesn't happen anymore, at least Neopop has savestates so I can at least salvage my save if that happens, but then I can't play it on the go anymore

Flavor said...

Well, I'd sure like to hear if anyone else is having this problem so we can track it down.

As far as I know, CFC2 should not save during a battle. Ahhh, well, wait a minute. There is a feature of the NGPC that was kind of like a save-state feature. If you were in the middle of a match and hit the power button, you could resume the match from the start of that current turn. I wonder if that's causing some sort of problem.

I would suggest turning off the "periodic saves" feature in RACE. That could help it to stop writing to the .NGF file in the middle of the game.

I don't have any idea what would cause the lockup, though. This sort of issue is very hard to debug unless we figure out an easy way to reproduce it.

It wouldn't surprise me if this was a RACE bug, but I wonder why I haven't heard about it from anyone else.

Anyway, for now, I'd suggest backing up your NGF file periodically. You could send me a copy of the garbled NGF file if you want. It might have a clue in there, but maybe not. (and leave a note here that you sent an e-mail).

Anonymous said...

The option you're describing is turned off on my settings

right now im playing through on neopop on the pc and I clocked in 8 hours without a hitch so far, but im state saving before the start of every battle and then loading if i lose lol

Its most probably the problem with race i think

Anonymous said...

Use SnesTool to apli pacth correctly in win.

Thx for the pacht, this rom in japanese not is the seam.

Unknown said...

Thanks! Playing this now. Great so far.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this translation of the best game ever. I've already played japanese version to death, I will play it one more time in English now.
The only downside is that it's such a pain to use a NGPC linker with nowadays' computers that I won't be able to play it on the orignal system . Gotta find an old computer...

Flavor said...

reznor: Well, if it's a huge pain, I will accept a donation of a NGPC flash+linker!

Anonymous said...

so no one is experiencing the freezing + save corrupting bug that I have playing it on racepsp?

Anonymous said...

I think i've figured out the cause of the freezing and save corruption

it's with race-psp since when I quit the game L+R (due to frustration lol) during a match and ran the rom again the dreaded "NEW GAME" showed up.

So the game deletes the save file while its running and writes it again when it exits?

so when the game freezes during a match the save file is erased, gone =(

can you look into this flavor?

Flavor said...

Kalikot: That's definitely not the way it should work, but it might be doing something like that.

You might want to try turning the periodic saves ON (since you said they were off before). I've been running with all the options ON and I haven't had a problem.

Flavor said...

FYI, I put up some new graphics that need editing at

Anonymous said...

Game froze on me again after fighting fuwa in battle mode 3 straight times during the 3d battle

but with the write sram option turned on i didnt lose the save before fighting him 3 straight times

I think this is a real problem and its just really random

my god this game is so addicting =D

but the Racepsp problems have to before I can play in peace :P

but im now playing in conjunction with my pc and now regularly backing up the save

I think the best way to avert this is having a save state feature to use right before each battle

Flavor said...

kalikot: How long are you usually playing before it crashes? I mean like how long are you in RACE itself, and how long are you in CFC2?

Do you hit L+R and re-start the game often? That hasn't been tested much, and it could lead to problems.

The way I play is to load RACE, load CFC2 and play for 30-60minutes. Then I quit CFC2, quit RACE, and turn off the PSP. I don't get long to play each time. I assume that's different from what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

no i dont restart often i only do it once in a while,

i usually play it between 2-3 hours. Yeah using L+R has a high percentage of causing problems with what I experienced. Even pressing it during the splash/credits screen you guys inserted will erase the save.

The only place where its safe to press L+R i think is in the main menu.

Flavor said...

kalikot: That's bizarre. I can't come up with any good reason for your problems. I haven't seen any time that it's unsafe to use L+R.

All I can wonder is if you have a different directory structure, firmware, or maybe your binaries are corrupt for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Im running 3.90 m33-2 on slim and the emulator is installed on PSP/GAME/RACE-PSP so nothing bizaare there i think

nothing wrong with other games so far, its only been this locking up. And i might note that it was "unsafe" when write sram periodically was turned off, now i think its fine, but it still froze like i descrbied a few hours ago. I'll be back to playing later and ill be sure to save after every match

Anonymous said...

So far no crashes yet but the save file is "safe" now with the sram option turned on

i will assume that it will probably crash again but at least there's no more worries about the save

Anonymous said...

Just some things I've observed while (slowly) re-playing this game again. (Mirrored from GameFAQs)

After beating LIP for the first time:
LIP: "Looks like I'm a little too strong. Let's fight next time you come!"

(Too strong?)

At the end of that conversation, before heading off to JoyJoy:
LIP: "You expecting something good?"

(Just curious what the original Japanese was here.)

TORAWO -- Pretty sure that's a girl there.
When you first meet them on the roof, there is some spacing issue.

But,NAMEhonestly, the "Fool Trio" is more accurate...

And I've got a partially redone list of Card Abilities to condense the wordings a bit. And I'm still making updates to my own guide which, honestly, could have been more rigorously tested.


Flavor said...

Thanks Kaz. That's good stuff.

Here's the conversation you asked about. I'll try to fix the rest of the stuff.


Flavor said...

Oh, and Kaz, if you have some card ability text, let me know what you're planning. If you know certain cards are wrong, I'd like to know. I don't really look forward to re-doing all the cards just to tweak the wording, but I'll redo ones that are incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the card "Angel Wings" supposed to be "Seraphic Wings"?

Flavor said...

dude: "Seraphic Wings" was just too long to fit properly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the original script Flav. I should be able get the details by next week.

As for the card text, I'll save the "prettying up" for when you get to the flavor-text, but I'll try to get you the card corrections as soon as I can.

I posted some more at:

I really can't go full tilt on playing, but on my crawl-through, I noted a minor script slip when talking to KIDO in the Battle Shop on the map, misplaced name-pointers when the kids talk to LIP about getting into the Vanguard Club, and when talking to FORU the first time she refers to SHILFY as a man.


Anonymous said...

OK, so I had some time on my hands:

(Oh my, didn't it look like Sensei was gonna win?
NAME-kun, go easy on me next time?)

(Sensei lost today, but she'll last longer next time.
Who knows, maybe by then I'll win?)

(Oh my, NAME-kun,
you're ADVANCING y'know?)
Emphasis on "じょうたつ"

(Soon Sensei will give WOODY
a NAME, y'know.
Who knows, maybe by then I'll win?)

"Woody?" "Name?" OK, that's some extra jibber-jabber I'm glad wasn't included.

(Cle-ver, LIP-Sensei!
It's a great idea!
Yeah ye-ah!)

(Off to JOYJOY,

( the way, did you know
SUPER Southern area?)

Ah, the amazingness of Haruna's En-grish.

(May hope be with you?)
Sympathies for those trying to translate LIP. (what kind of name is LIP/RIP for a teacher any way?)

Oh, one more thing...

After beating Lip (in a random fight) before she asks to "Battle once more?" she'll say "How?"
Is that a typo?

~Kaz (apologies if this is being double-posted)

Flavor said...

Hey guys. I just want to let you know that there should be an update coming out sometime soon. I'm waiting for some graphics to get done and then we should have better (fully?) translated menus. For example, all the free battle names should be translated.

Also, thanks Kaz. I got some of that in there, but I left you some more questions on the GameFaqs board.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I hope that also includes the battle status screens.

From my post on GameFAQs:

During the VS-screen when you fight someone, YASHICHI's name is cut off (the "HI" at the end doesn't show up)

Minor grammar correction: When you go on a date with YASHICHI and select "rooftop", you comment:
"hanging out on the roof is for morons.
Let's bail." ("hanging" should be capitalized)

As Yashichi is chasing NAME around, when you pass by the Trio of Losers, Aso comments:
"...thanks for the meal..."
Is this really what they said?

As Yashichi is chasing NAME around, when you enter the Vanguard and Shin asks you what the rumpus is about, NAME responds:
"Huff puff...
Using "Dying" might be better or "I'm gonna die!"

Minor grammar fix when you first meet Comet and she says:
"Seems like you were in a
bit of a pickle.
Please, this way."
As Yashichi is still chasing NAME, it should be "Seems like you are in a..."

As Yashichi leaves Comet, Yashichi remarks:
"NAMEHeh? Hmm!"
A word or punctuation mark might be missing there?

When you first enter the C.O.F. and talk to Kei & Shin about Robomantle, Kei remarks:
it was just a card-battling bot
, or so I heard..."
A comma is left hanging.

When NANAKO appears and mentions to Shin/Neomantle about the drink they had in their hand, she called it the "GENSHIBUNKAI CAN" -- was that another inside joke from SNK?

Something I observe during card-fighting: a lot of effects temporarily bug out the text box. When activating Shingo's BURNING SHINGO ability, the word "and" pops out of the left side of the text box for example. Any idea why?

"Walls have eyes, doors have ears, and your phone is tapped." -- just hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Wow - just got this running on my DS. Thanks so much, Flavor! I loooooved the first CFC and was sorely disappointed when the new DS one was a different system.

also: anonymous: the IPS is a patching system for ROMS... I didn't know this either until tonight. Here's a site with some IPS patchers:

I used lunar ips. Incidentally, I was pointed at this project from the article on

Flavor said...

Thanks for the comment, Hottoast. I don't know when you downloaded the IPS file, but you might want to check again. There's a new release and a new blog post, now.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I've been waiting for this day FOR YEARS. I was waiting for that 2001 translation which died. Even added the guy to Icq back then but he told me he had no plans to finish it. I was shattered. Thought its going to be one of those great games I miss out on. But I am bloody suprised and happy to see t his.
Anyways is there any other hotkeys to RACE apart from L+R to reset? Like save state or load state. And what is the speed hack?
Thanks a ton man

Anonymous said...

Sorry but i'm VERY VERY VERY noob at this, I have SNK Vs Capcom - Card Fighters Clash 2 - Expand Edition (J) [T-EngV14.12.01] and I have your files. What do I do now?

Flavor said...

Anonymous: Hey, it took me a while to notice your problem.

SNK Vs Capcom - Card Fighters Clash 2 - Expand Edition (J) [T-EngV14.12.01]

That is NOT the file you want to be using. That is not the original ROM file. The "T-EngV14.12.01" signifies that it's a translation hack that was released on Dec. 14 of 2001.

The original ROM file would be names something like
SNK Vs Capcom - Card Fighters Clash 2 - Expand Edition (J) [!]

See if you can get that and then use an IPS patcher to apply the IPS file.

yangzor said...

Hey, I was just wondering how I can get God Rugal and Shin Akuma cards on your version of the game?

Flavor said...

yangzor: It should be the same as on regular CFC2. Look up the FAQ at

yangzor said...

Sorry, but is there anyway to get it beside link exhibition? I don't have anyone to play it with. Is there any way I can hack the save file? (I play the game on PSP)

Flavor said...

yangzor: On that same gamefaq's page, there's a "Save State Editing Guide."

yangzor said...

(not trying to sound rude or anything)

I saw that guide yesterday, and I tried to hack my psp file. Unfortunately it did not work. It did work for the computer version Did it work for you Flavor? Can I just have your ngf file =)

Flavor said...

yangzor: What do you you mean by "the computer version?" I don't really have a hacked NGF file. It sounds like you know a bit about hacking stuff like this. Perhaps you could figure out RACE's NGF file format. It should be compatible with NeoPop's format. If you got it to work on NeoPop, then try replacing your RACE file with that one (or vice versa).

yangzor said...

Flavor, how did you play CFC2? Did you played it on computer or psp?

Flavor said...

yangzor: I played it mostly on handhelds. I played a bit on NGPC, GP2X, PSP, Wiz, etc. I moved my savegame file from system to system.

yangzor said...

were you able to unlock all the cards? if so, how did you do it?

thanks for all your time btw.

Flavor said...

yangzor: I never really tried. At one point, though, we did use a hacked save-game file so that we'd start the game with all the cards. If I recall correctly, it's not that difficult to do. Why don't you send me your save-game file, and I'll see what I can do.

Send it to cfc2ngpc at yahoo dot com, and when you're done sending it, make a post here. Otherwise, I don't check that account often.

yangzor said...

i just sent you the file. if all fails, can you just send me the file with all the cards in it?

the reason i'm doing this is because i'm such a big fan of the game. i was obsessed with the first one, and i just want to put the same amount of effort into the second.

thank you for all of this.