Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Forum, New NGPC Flash Cart

If you guys are looking for a place to chat about Cardfighters Clash 2, you should check out this new Neo Geo Pocket forum. When you go there, under Neo Geo Pocket Translations, you'll find discussion of the Cardfighters Clash 2 project.

In addition, the forum is open to pretty much anything NGPC related. If you're looking to interact with other NGPC guys, check it out.

One thing being discussed there is this Flashmasta/Linkmasta that's been in production. The picture shown here is taken from the most recent post at the Neo Geo Pocket flash cart website.

If you're looking to play Card Fighters Clash 2 in English on the actual hardware, you'll want the Flashmasta and Linkmasta.

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