Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fame, Fortune, and a New Release

Well, the day has finally arrived. This project is finally getting the type of mainstream media attention it deserves. With that, I expect we'll be the recipients of all the fame and fortune that come with such attention. I'm pretty sure that from now on, I won't even be able to shop for groceries without being recognized as one of the guys that brought CFC2 for the NGPC to the English-speaking masses. Oh, and the fortune is sure to follow.

Of course, I'm talking about the recent article posted over at I was interviewed by Alistair Wallis for a weekly column that he does. Here's an excerpt.

"To celebrate what is a pretty mammoth effort, we talked with Flavor about all the goings-on regarding the project, and received some astoundingly in-depth answers about topics such as his Card Fighter’s Clash fandom, why it’s all taken so long, and why the Lost Church is now a Rooster Church."

Head over to to read the full article.

Oh, yeah, there was a third thing in the title, wasn't there. Yeah, there's a new release. The graphical menus have finally been translated. You can find it at the download link listed on the top-right of this blog. I actually already have a couple of bug fixes that need to be applied to the graphics, so there may be a new update to the files in a day or so. I will probably only post an update to this blog entry when I upload the updated version.

We love to hear the comments, so if you're playing the translation let us know! Have fun!