CFC2English ROM Patch Info

The CFC2 Translation Team presents
SNK vs. Capcom: Cardfighters 2 English Edition

You will need to use an IPS patcher, the original CFC2 Japanese ROM, and the included IPS file to create the CFC2 English ROM. Checksums of the resulting ROM should be:
  • MD5: B2628DA96BF4F278B13D3C5AFD703AC7
  • SHA1: D6DD99C75C4262DEA1FD970C2A111DC91D42C4BD

Card Fighters Clash 2 is a cool NeoGeo Pocket game, which has sadly only been released in Japanese. Since we like this game so much and since there is no chance of SNK releasing an English version of CFC2, we decided to start the translation ourselves.

As of 5-03-08, all in-game "text" (except the on-card "flavor" text) is translated. The card flavor text has not been translated yet.

  • The "flavor" text shown on each card is completely missing. This is because it has not been translated. If you would like to translate it, please contact us.
  • The name entry screen (where you enter your name or your deck name) is imperfect.
  • The status screens (when you save your game or when your get battle status) have graphical glitches.
Saving your game doesn't always work (on the Pocket Flash cart). It's not our fault!
To get around this, go to story mode, and then go to the main menu. The saves
usually work, then. Otherwise, just keep saving until it works. Like I said,
It's just a Pocket Flash thing.

Credits: Special thanks go to the following individuals for the effort they put forth on this project.
Main Authors
  • Calden [Text Translation]
  • Flavor [Project Management, String Translations, Coding, Hacking]
  • Judge_ [Coding, Hacking, Translations]
  • Comic-Kaze [Graphical Menus]
  • Thor [Intro, Coding]
Other Help
  • Kazuyaa [faq/cardlist author, and translation help]
  • YooDaa [hacked save-game, card translations]
  • Hime [translation help]
  • SignOfZeta [graphical text]
  • Blu3Flame [graphics editing]
FAQ authors
  • The Lemming
  • Z-Force
  • Ritalman
CardList Author
  • Kazuki
Special Thanks
  • Matteo
  • Tidegear
  • Tehcno / Andy
  • Brandon / Exodus
  • Jess R.
  • Fuz
  • Ivan
  • Loic J.
  • Mr. Spiv
  • Mithris
  • Ahchay
  • Dark Fader
  • Jeff F.
  • Rob B.
  • Tom / Stage
  • Kojote
  • Empee
  • T.J. Hooka
  • S:NGP forum people
  • Gamefaqs message board people
If we missed you, we're sorry, but you know who you are!

Last, but farthest from least, let us not forget that without SNK/Capcom, there would be no CFC2 to translate.

On a higher level, without SNK, there would be no NGPC to release CFC2 for.